Mother Indica™ is a guiding, motherly resource for cannabis and nutrition inspiration, education, musings, and thought. We offer coaching services and online courses, as well as brand representation that aligns with our values.

We advocate for a new health paradigm in which cannabis and holistic nutrition go beyond the Standard American Diet (SAD), allowing our community to achieve a new level of wellbeing.

Here, we heal from the inside out, naturally.

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The Brand

This is a women-founded and run digitally-based business. As a company, we are determined to create as much access to reliable cannabis and nutrition information as possible.

What first began as a blog over two years ago, centering around an anonymous mother experimenting with cannabis and holistic living to treat her postpartum depression, has turned into a community of proud, uncloseted cannabis-consumers on a journey of elevated self love and connection through cannabis and nutrition. Through digital tools and workshops, Erin has shared her formulas and techniques for removing self-limiting beliefs about what it really means to be healthy and to love ourselves, so women can foster as their authentic, thriving selves.

On the blog, you’ll find weekly content supporting the cannabis wellness community centering on destigmatizing this herb and applying it to real life through techniques, culinary and beauty recipes, and explaining modern cannabis and nutrition philosophies.

Mother Indica™ is taking part in dissolving cannabis stigma and redirecting our perception of cannabis as a wellness tool.


Erin Willis

Mother Indica™ founder, Erin Willis, is a holistic nutritionist, cannabis wellness coach, and undoubtedly in love with all things flowers.

Believing that all energies and ecological systems are connected, and that utilizing and flowing with the natural world is our answer to a thriving, balanced world, Erin has made it her life’s mission to help shift the toxic, disease-causing status quo of the Western World by debunking cannabis misconceptions, encouraging botanical-based lifestyle, and by paving the way for a modern, integrative health paradigm.

Erin understands cannabis as a healing food and medicine that can live in conjunction to a healthy, holistic and plant-based lifestyle. She created this platform to speak out against cannabis misinformation and misuse, and the detrimental effects such stigma and lack of education has caused. By sharing this experience and expertise in cannabis practices, and as the perspective of a mother, we can help turn the tide in how we view cannabis and its global potential in health reform once free'd from federal possession and control.