4 Tips for Using Cannabis as a Wellness Tool

1. Pick your method of ingestion-

There’s a lot more out there than bong rips and joints. Nowadays you can purchase tinctures, body creams, sublingual strips, vape pens, and infused foods. Exploring and choosing your favorite products, ones that don’t shy you away from cannabis, can make this process so much more enjoyable and repeatable. My personal favorite is an MCT oil tincture, otherwise known as a non-alcoholic tincture (@trychemistry). I find it to give me a subtle onset of ease.

2. Dial in your golden cannabinoid ratio-

Everyone is truly unique in how they process cannabis, and finding your unique ratio can do wonders to your body and mind. Cannabinoid ratio refers to the differentiating amounts of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, THCa, CBDa) found in a given product. Even if you’re a CBD-only kinda gal, having a dash of THC can make your experience far better, while not getting high. Going back to my fav tincture, I love a 22:1 ratio- 22 mg CBD to 1mg THC. Having more than one cannabinoid means “full spectrum” giving you a more synergistic experience. I like to think of it as eating an orange instead of taking a vitamin C supplement.

3. Dose low and steady, repeat-

You don’t need to start so high that you’re now incapable of moving throughout your day. If using THC products, a good starting point is 1-5mg THC every 3 or so hours, depending on what feels right for you.

4. Use cannabis as a supplement to a healthy diet and lifestyle-

Cannabis is NOT a cure-all. If you want to feel healthy and energetic and satisfied, you’ll need to do more than just cannabis. Eating healthy, clean foods, hydrating, meditating, moving and breathing, and keeping up with good hygiene are some incredible ways to live a healthy, cannabis-infused lifestyle.

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