High Tea Chia Pudding with Rose Coconut Whipped Cream

High tea is a British-styled mini meal tradition that is presented between after work and dinner time. It’s that cup (or pot) of tea and hearty treat many folks indulge in to keep up through the evening. Check out my full recipe on Oovlifestyle.

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How to Talk to Mom About Cannabis

You think cannabis may be the right option for mom. You're unsure of how to bring it up without feeling awkward, or worse, sounding like a druggie. We get it.

But let's be super honest, cannabis, as uncomfortable as the topic can be, may likely be the answer to your mom's discomforts. Here are to name a few ailments this plant can help alleviate or treat:

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Harvest Muffins with Pumpkin and Apples

This is an all time favorite fall recipe. I get to combine all the best parts of the season- pumpkin, apples, and all the spices! I hope you find just as much warmth in these goodies as I do. To make them family-friendly, substitute the cannabis butter for 1/4 cup coconut or vegetable oil.

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Erin Willis
How to use cannabis with intent and why it's important.

You'll get the outcome you desire by using cannabis mindfully and with good intent.

While the effects of cannabis seem to lead us to a more present, mindful way of life. Practicing mindfulness during your next session, while also setting intent for why you're consuming the cannabis, will set you up for high success.

Oh yeah? Okay let me explain.

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How cannabis creates a mindful life [+ ways in finding your everyday peace].

The elevation of Cannabis can be such a trip because it is then you realize the only thing that truly exists is the present moment. It continuously moves forward, no matter what. The past and the future are only in our minds, and the one thing that is real is time. Cannabis makes it so ridiculously clear to me that we spend our lives either fighting time or ignoring it.

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Infused Recipe: Whole Plant Cannabis Granola

So the other day I was craving cinnamon. Well, I always crave cinnamon. Every day. The thing is, cinnamon.

The greatest thing about cinnamon, other than its awesome health benefits, is it can go on literally anything. Especially grains. Granola grains. Cinnamon and granola... hell yes. These are my thoughts..

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How to care for your cannabis flower the sensible way.

Cannabis needs’ are simple, delicate, and can reap a myriad of health benefits when taken good care of. Without some good ole fashioned TLC, cannabis can lose much of its therapeutic properties and experience a much shorter lifespan. So it's a no brainer that we need treat our bud with love and respect if we expect the same from her. This article touches on the good housekeeping tidbits that need prioritizing in your relationship to cannabis.

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Today, I come out of the cannabis closet. Here's why.

I need to stand for something.

I am- in today’s standards- a fairly average Bay Area mother. My partner and I live in a quaint 2-bedroom apartment where I raise our son full-time. He is a darling little one; six months old this Saturday with aspirations of crawling by then.

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