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The 7-Day Mighty Mood Boost Plan

I knew I needed a break from cannabis smoke. I also knew I needed something to give me that boost in energy and mood. For some time now I have been diving into what into the world of biohacking and what clever and simple hacks I could use in my life to give me that desired energy boost and clarity. So when Mighty Self approached me asking to give their nootropics a good go, I thought… maybe this is that boost.

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Five Ways Cannabis Makes Me a Better Mom

I’m going to start out by saying this- I am a great mother to my little tike, and I owe a lot of my parental success to medicinal cannabis.

Perhaps I’m making a bold statement by using “cannabis” and “parental” in the same sentence, and perhaps that last pun was totally intended.

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Whole Plant Vs. Isolate CBD: Decide What's Best For You

In 2019, cannabidiol (CBD)-infused products are populating like bunny rabbits with no end in sight, as cannabis legalization continues to progress around the world. Due to its widespread implications for balancing the body’s natural healing system, CBD is gaining mass attention for natural and effective relief of many common ailments.

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Journal Entry // In Search for the Wild Weed

And there she goes, searching for what is already there. In her, with her, surrounding her. She did not see.

The most tragic thing a woman can do is to not believe in her own magic. To not listen to her intuition and childlike truth and energy. Indeed, the most tragic thing a woman can do is not believe in her magical self.

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101 // The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Ever wonder about the 12th body system no one seems to be talking about? Like the name of this post suggests, this is a basic intro into the endocannabinoid system, what it does, and how cannabis communicates with it. I have listed references at the end to help guide you into more detailed descriptions and scientific explanation of the ECS.

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6 Ways to Mend Your Health (+ the planet's) with Cannabis, Diet + Simplicity

I believe some practical ways to dissolve our ailments and to move towards living a healthy, sustainable, and well-balanced life is by focusing on healing the root causes- detoxify and strengthen your gut microbiome, nourish your endocannabinoid system, cleanse your environment, and love yourself wholly.

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Finding the Right Cannabis Products for Mom

Finding the right cannabis product for your mom, whether it’s THC or hemp-derived CBD, may feel a little overwhelming. But fear not. By breaking your options down to approachability, ailment specific, and lifestyle will help you curate the perfect gift for mom.

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How to Talk to Mom About Cannabis

You think cannabis may be the right option for mom. You're unsure of how to bring it up without feeling awkward, or worse, sounding like a druggie. We get it.

But let's be super honest, cannabis, as uncomfortable as the topic can be, may likely be the answer to your mom's discomforts. Here are to name a few ailments this plant can help alleviate or treat:

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