A Modern Twist: Infusing Your Holiday Desserts with Edible Flowers

(Plus Recipe+ CBD-Infused Pumpkin Chamomile Tart with

Coconut-Whipped Cream)

I am so thrilled for this year’s holidays because I can now confidently serve up some CBD-infused goodies at the dinner table without everyone flipping out. For my adult family members and friends, this is a serious treat. Just a year ago, had I placed this pie in front of my mom, she would have slowly sunk beneath the table, crawled out, and made a run for it.

Oh mother, how things have changed. Our moms finally understand that CBD doesn’t get you stoned! On the contrary, CBD is increasingly being recognized as a healthy addition to your diet; when left in full spectrum, this cannabinoid offers antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps alleviate irritation and anxiety. These are definitely things we could all use help with at big family events.

My absolute favorite part of the holidays is the excuse to make healthier versions of some classic favorites. The reason I love using HoneyPot Supply in my goodies is that a) it’s raw! And b) my mom LOVES this stuff!

Remember, cannabis can cause some uncomfortable side effects when too much is consumed, including some that you may not want to experience at a social event: paranoia, drowsiness, anxiety, dry eyes, and cottonmouth. It's important to start low (1 tsp honey) and go slow (wait 2 hours before having more). Like everything, consume with respect and in moderation.

For full recipe, visit the digital publication at Oov Lifestyle Volume I (Page 45).