Dandelion, foe or superfood? (+recipe)

The difference between a weed and a flower is judgment.

Mother Indica - @mother_indica

Mother Indica - @mother_indica

Much like Cannabis, Dandelion is deemed as a weed, pokey and in the way. But did you know that Dandelion more like a wild superfood and herbal medicine? That little yellow flower you see poking out of concrete and embedded in grasslands is more nutritious than spinach and has 25x more vitamin A than tomato juice and is a good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamins B, C, and E.

Common health benefits:


Digestive aid - dandelion root tea helps as a natural laxative, appetite stimulate, and helps balance gut bacteria.

Kidney aid - dandelion greens act as a diuretic, which means it helps the kidneys flush out toxins, salt, and excessive water by increasing urine production (which sedates microbial growth in the urinary system, too!)

Liver aid - dandelion has been shown to improve liver function, which in turn removes toxins, reestablishes hydration and helps stimulate an increase in bile production.

The entire Dandelion plant contains antioxidants that when consumed, helps neutralize free radicals in the body.

Coffee substitute - Dandelion root is shown to be a great coffee replacement when boiled. Although caffeine free, brewed root tastes and looks like coffee without the acidic, bitterness, which makes some health fanatics jump for joy!

Skincare - dandelion sap (or milk) has been shown to help treat skin infections and diseases thanks to its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties.

Bottomline, as impressive as Dandelion is with its detoxifying effects, you have to detox you. Dandelion, much like Cannabis, only helps the process. Think of these 'weeds' as little helpers that want to heal you; they cannot support you very well if you are also consuming highly processed, artificial, or sugary foods. So set your body up to maximize the healing properties of Dandelion and Cannabis! 


Dandelion Salad with Cannabis-infused Grapefruit Basil Vinaigrette

serves 2, 8 mg THC each*

For the vinaigrette:

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 

fresh juice of one grapefruit or any citrus

1 tablespoon infused raw honey (I use HoneyPot Supply)

1/2 tablespoon dijon mustard with seeds

salt + pepper to taste

1 cup basil + cannabis infused olive oil


1. whisk together vinegar, honey, mustard, and spices

2. slowly pour in olive oil while whisking

3. pour into a mason jar so you can shake before using

store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days


for the salad: 

1 bunch fresh dandelion greens, washed and dried

1/2 bunch spinach, washed and dried

1 grapefruit, segmented

1 cup crushed walnuts 

2 tablespoons hemp seeds

chicken or salmon, optional


1. place greens in large bowl and add a small amount of vinaigrette dressing. Mix together before adding more dressing, as you do not want to add too much. This should be light.

2. assemble with nuts, seeds, and grapefruit. Serve with salmon, chicken, or tofu with a delicious iced tea or chilled white wine. Enjoy!

*Note: you can cut half the honey and olive oil with regular honey and olive oil. If you are new to edibles, start low and go slow. I recommend starting at 2 mg THC and wait two hours before increasing the dose. I am also not a licensed professional and the content I provide is for entertainment purposes only. 

Let me know how your recipe tastes in the comments below!