Finding the Right Cannabis Products for Mom

Now that you’ve had the “talk about cannabis,” it’s time to put that new information into action. It’s time for you to find the right cannabis products for Mom.

Instead of throwing a bunch of brand names at her in hopes they stick, it’s important- no VITAL- that you make your list of recommendations as curated as possible. Why? Because of two things. First, you may load her up with directionless information, and she’ll end up not acting on any of it, OR you will recommend the wrong information, and she'll end up having a not-so-wellness experience. “No more for me!”, she exclaims as she shuts herself off from cannabis.

So, here are a few questions and concepts to consider before jumping into product recommendation:

Are you in a legal cannabis state? Both medically and recreationally speaking. Legality is a critical factor in deciding what products are right for Mom. If you do live in a legal state, consider THC and female-derived CBD products. These products contain high amounts of phytocannabinoids which provide a wealth of benefits. Ranging from anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties to helping your body calm itself of anxiety.

If choosing CBD products, you'll need to understand the difference between hemp-derived CBD and female-derived CBD.  These terms may sound new to you, and that's because they're new to most. So bear with me! As we know, cannabis legalization is sweeping the states, which also means CBD oil is catching popularity in the wellness industry, making all 50 states want to give CBD a go. However, only legal states can source female-derived CBD oil, as female plants are genetically inclined to produce more than 0.3% THC, making that plant's genetics federally illegal. Female cannabis produces flowers and no seeds and as a result, provides higher amounts of resin. By the way, resin refers to that cannabinoid-rich sticky, gooey stuff you see on cured (flower)buds, hence the famous words ooey-gooey, dank, sticky, hashish, and you get the picture. Higher amounts of resin equal greater medicinal benefits and or psychoactivity (if THC is present). However, only select states get to grow female pants, and when they do-it's darn expensive! The answer? Sourcing CBD from industrial hemp, or male cannabis, which is legal in all 50 states. Remember, industrial hemp is male (high in seeds and fiber, low in oil) and produces 0.3% or less THC oil, including smaller amounts of CBD oil. However, this does not imply industrial hemp-derived CBD isn’t valuable or healthful, because it is! It's just important to understand legality, and the difference between the two CBD sources when selecting products that will work for Mom's needs. It is also important to make sure your hemp-derived products come from ethical, environmentally sound companies and organic hemp farms. We provide examples of some high-grade hemp-derived CBD products in this article.


What does your mom already enjoy doing, or eating? You’ve got to make this transition comfortable, and I advise you not to pressure Mom into some serious lifestyle changes if that’s not what she wants. Besides, she may even push back! A main takeaway I’ve experienced with learning and practicing nutrition counseling is that for a person to reach his or her desired health goals AND maintain them, their guide, be it her doctor, health coach, or daughter, must present her with a practical beginning. Meet her in the middle. With a reasonable start comes low resistance,  and with little resistance, you’re able to open up a new health regime for her. Meet Mom in the middle, and you will likely see her produce better health results.

Consider method of application and what ailment this product will attempt to treat. Think about why your mom is considering using cannabis products. Does she have anxiety? Insomnia? Crippling back pain? Psoriasis? Does she just need a night of relaxation? The reason you want to pinpoint her intentions is because the cannabis world is very vast and, depending on your state, may have a lot of options to choose from. This can be both delightful and overwhelming, so figuring out pinpoints is key.

Mom loves to cook: Call this nutritionist-bias, but what better way to ease into a new wellness journey than through food? Cooking with cannabis is gaining some major popularity because of how relatively easy and discrete it is to infuse cannabis into dishes and beverages with consistent, effective dosages. Besides, cooking with these cannabis products that I recommend below may even get mom to cook healthier (if she doesn’t already!). Ingredient products may be your best bet with convincing mom to try cannabis or CBD for wellness. Take the story of HoneyPot Supply for example, two best friends set out to create a product that will ease the asthma of one of their mothers, a first generation immigrant who has been deterred from exploring cannabis health benefits because of the negative reputation of the plant. With her in mind, HoneyPot crafted a product that could be trusted, where quality or dosage was undoubtedly clear. Ultimately, HoneyPot is changing the emotional response to cannabis in so many from intimidation and uncertainty to excitement and joy. THIS is what it’s all about.

CBD Honey: Potli

THC/CBD Olive Oil: Potli

CBD Ghee (clarified butter): Magical Butter Ghee

CBD Tincture: ONDA Hemp-Derived CBD Full Spectrum (Hey!! Use “MOTHER20” at checkout for 20% off all ONDA)


Mom loves her coffee:

CBD Cold Brew: Somatik (California only)

CBD Whole Bean: Strava Craft Coffee

Trying hemp milk instead of cow’s milk


Mom has a sweet tooth:

Whoopi & Maya’s THC raw cacao (California only)

Potli CBD Honey

Baceae Strawberry CBD Bon Bons


Mom is really into skin care:

Kiskanu Facial Oil - so obsessed (California only)

Verte Essentials Rose de Soie (CBD moisturizer) (Hey!! Use “MOTHER” at checkout for 20% off all Verte Essentials)

Vertly CBD Lip Balm


Mom loves her baths and NEEDS pampering!:

Verte Essentials Luxe Soak (SO GORGEOUS- don’t forget “MOTHER” for 20% off)

Whoopi & Maya Soak. epsom salt blend (California only)


Mom is always sipping on some tea:

Kikko Cannabis Tea (California only)

Finding the right cannabis product for your mom, whether it’s THC or hemp-derived CBD, may feel a little overwhelming. But fear not. By breaking your options down to approachability, ailment specific, and lifestyle will help you curate the perfect gift for mom.

Need a little help mapping out your mom's cannabis journey? Visit my services page to schedule a cannabis consultation and individualized cannabis action plan for your mom.


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