Infused Recipe: Whole Plant Cannabis Granola

So the other day I was craving cinnamon. Well, I always crave cinnamon. Every day. So the thing is, cinnamon.

The greatest thing about cinnamon, other than its awesome health benefits, is it can go on literally anything. Especially grains. Granola grains. Cinnamon and granola... hell yes. These are my thoughts..


Another thing I was craving is cannabis munchies. Not the feeling you get after ingesting cannabis when all you care to do is eat everything in existence. No, no the munchies that actually contain cannabis. The ones you snack on throughout the day and get a little lifted while you refuel. Those munchies. Mmmm... So me trying to keep healthy-ish and create something both inexpensive and low dosage, I came up with Whole Plant Hemp Granola. Super cheap in the bulk section. It's called whole plant because there are hemp seeds, leaf, and activated THC in the mix. It kind of makes me feel like a little Cannabis family lives inside my granola. :)


Disclaimer: I actually got too medicated from the first batch, and it left me groggy and unproductive. This is definitely because I ate too much (but it was just so good).  So I decided to tone back the THC content to two tablespoons of cannabis infused coconut oil instead of three tablespoons. The third tablespoon was substituted for regular coconut oil so I didn't lose any fat content. I also made a non-medicated batch of granola to mix in with the medicated, allowing me to enjoy larger serving sizes. I suggest you do something like this too. Because it's really good and you'll want more than a half cup.


After about two batches, I jarred up what I didn't eat and stored in my cabinet LABELLED "Mama's Medicine". I have since used this granola in cereal with hemp milk (fancy, huh?) and in my favorite frozen treat, Medicated Parfait Bites.