Holiday Hemp Mocktail with Lumen Elixirs


I have found a wellness goldmine by the name of Lumen.

Hemp juice is extremely difficult to find, especially whole plant cold-pressed. I met the people behind Lumen at a cafe in Oakland, California just three months ago as they were moving from juice to elixirs. At first they were making 12 oz. bottles of hemp juice with fruit and veggies, but have since shifted to 2 oz. shots of hemp adaptogenic elixirs (wow, right?) These people are amazing.

What is even cooler is that Lumen sources all their hemp from a regenerative hemp farm in Oregon. Lumen is extremely mission-driven and care a ‘dirt’ ton for our belovedly sick Earth. How much cooler does it get?! Here’s a pic of 2/3rd of the company. Aren’t they the cutest?!!? (THIS is the future of cannabis, my friends.)

photo by Lumen in Applegate Oregon

photo by Lumen in Applegate Oregon

Well anyhow, since working beside them at that coffee shop, I have had the opportunity to experiment with their juices, creating some of my own Lumen recipes. This holiday mocktail, included.

Why adaptogenic hemp juice elixirs, you ask?

There is something very synergetic between cannabis and nutrition, and especially between plant medicines, how they are grown, and how they make us feel. So to find a company that encompasses the bridges between cannabis, nutrition, and regenerative farming is a friend of Mother Indica’s indeed. This MATTERS. Learn their story here.


RESTORE Holiday Hemp Juice Mocktail

serves 2

This little mocktail is filled with nutrient-packed, anti-inflammatory superfoods like cranberry, hemp, and moringa, as well as the feel goodness electrolytes of coconut water and the stress-reducing adaptogen ashwagandha. This little Lumen Restore mocktail is the perfect alcohol substitute for any holiday party. (Trust me, your body will thank you!)

2 oz. Restore hemp elixir**
1/2 cup cranberry juice
2 tablespoon apple cider
mineral water (I use lime flavored)

Shake or stir, pour over ice, top with mineral water + fresh cranberries

** waiting for your Restore to arrive? Substitute with 2 oz coconut water, 1 teaspoon moringa, and 3 droppers ashwagandha tincture or 1/2 teaspoon ashwagandha powder.