How to Talk to Mom About Cannabis

Talking to mom about cannabis can be difficult.

You're interested in cannabis, you may even use it, and you’re thinking it could help Mom, too. You're unsure of how to bring it up without feeling awkward, or worse, sounding like a druggie. We get it.

But let's be super honest, cannabis, as uncomfortable as the topic can be, may likely be the answer to your mom's discomforts. Here are to name a few ailments this plant can help alleviate or treat:

   1. menstrual pain and inflammation

   2. comorbidities such as migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety

   3. Menopausal symptoms

   4. aids in sleep

   5. aids in the aging process (cognitive decline, arthritis, osteoporosis, dry skin, etc.)

   6. aids in weight loss

Before diving into how to effectively approach mom about cannabis, we first want to congratulate you. Go YOU! Becoming aware of how cannabis can enhance the lives of you and your loved ones' is a big step towards social and medical acceptance of the epically misunderstood Cannabis sativa (the fancy term for pot). It's an awareness many of us don’t yet have.

Okay, back to Mom. You think cannabis might be a good fit for her, but how do you even bring this up? Here are seven actionable steps in approaching mom about pot.


1. Set your intention, and make sure it’s wholehearted.  

We recommend first coming from an informed place of wholeheartedness. To best address your mom, it’s best to get crystal clear on why you are approaching her in the first place. Why are you inclined to talk to her about cannabis? What do you hope to get from this conversation? What do you hope she gets from this conversation? What is it you wish she changes in her daily routines?

Take action: Read up on cannabis as a medicine and write down 3-5 reasons it may specifically help your mom. Make sure these are statements backed up by science. It is essential to write these down and hand her a hard copy; this is how she will soak in and retain your intentions.


2. Understand your mother's upbringing and help her destigmatize.

To approach anyone on something potentially controversial (and transformational), you must first understand where they are coming from. Your mom most likely grew up in the residual effects of the famous Reefer Madness propaganda, when virtually every American thought cannabis could make you delusional, lazy, and go "mad" after a toke from your joint. She grew up being taught to fear cannabis. If she didn't grow up in that agenda, the people in her immediate world did, and that was enough to stick to her.

Take action: Identify 3-5 limiting beliefs your mother has about cannabis. Then write down 3-5 reasons why those beliefs are untrue.


Belief: Smoking pot will make you lazy.

Fact: Cannabis can uplift and energize you. The effects of cannabis heavily depend on the type of chemovar (a.k.a strain) a person is consuming, and how much of it (remember- everything in moderation). Cannabis flowers contain essential oils like all other herbs and flowers. These oils are responsible for the feeling and overall tone of your experience. They are made up of flavonoids,  terpenes (aroma), and cannabinoids (THC/CBD), and depending on that variation in the oils; you can customize your experience. To become energized and uplifted, without the heavy high, choose a strain rich in limonene and low in THC. The aromas of the limonene are zesty and bright, with bold hints of citrus or sour lemon. Strains high in limonene: Super Lemon Haze, and OG Kush.

Your debunkers don't have to be this wordy or even this technical, but you get the point.

Bonus: come with a list of cannabis terminology


3. Bring it up privately, and in a comfortable setting.

The stigma surrounding cannabis is incredibly dense and the second judgment creeps in, even the most well-intended people can turn away. We don't want any outside opinions clogging up your communication lines, making it impossible to get through to your mom. So make sure you are in a comfortable setting without any unwanted ears in reach. Also, do your best to approach the conversation naturally by not forcing a thing, use your best abilities in reading her, and let the conversation flow.

Take action: Set the date! Scheduling this in may sound over-the-top, but selecting a time to talk with her, and sticking to it, will make this conversation matter more to you. Remember, this is not an intervention; it's just a future conversation you care enough about not to miss.


4. Explain that it's legal, and federal prohibition will eventually end.

Okay, stop here. You need to make sure cannabis is legal in your state, either recreational or medical, before approaching your mom about this. It's in her best interest to protect you, and you know she won't want you doing anything illegal. If you live in a state that does recognize medical cannabis, but the stigma is still at large, then you need to really emphasized to her. Reassure your mom that this plant is state legal and that there are safe, lab tested cannabis products out there that may help her.


5. Talk about the health benefits, with confidence and ease. (And don’t forget to mention the endocannabinoid system!)

Oh yes, this one is important. Because after all, this is Mom you're talking to, and she knows all stages of you. She may take you seriously, and see you as a competent adult, but you are STILL her baby.. and this is pot we're talking about here. So know your stuff! Once you approach your mom in a comfortable setting, and she's all ears, it's your time to shine. And it's time to shine with factual-based knowledge.

Take action: Start with the tailored-to-mom version.

"Hey mom, I know you've been struggling/dealing with ______ and I believe to have found a solution for you."

“Have you ever heard about the endocannabinoid system?”

"Did you know cannabis can help allievate_____ and help you sleep better at night?"

"There are kinds of cannabis products that don't get you high."

**Remember that moms want to feel better, but sometimes we need the permission to pursue that for ourselves. Let you, her child, be that permission giver.


6. Explain that not all cannabis is created equal.

And that not all cannabis will even get you high. In today's market, you can find a plethora of CBD-dominant products that are considered hemp-derived. Hemp is the legal term for cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC. Explain to her that we live in a time of great promise for medicinal cannabis, especially with CBD, as these medicinal properties are being more and more studied.

More reputable resources on CBD:

7. End the conversation with methods of consumption and product suggestions. *bonus points for handing her a product to try*

You know your mom, and you know if smoking a vape pen is out of the question, or if a topical application will be best for her skin disorder. For example, my mom is terrified of getting high. She thinks that it would make her lose her sense of control. Knowing this about her, I understand THC-dominate products or smoking devices are not suited for her. I also know she likes honey and has troubles staying asleep at night. So, I recommended she tries HoneyPot Supply CBD honey, and of course, she absolutely loves it! As a raw, organic, and local honey enhanced with non-psychoactive CBD, it's an incredibly easy and natural way for her to get started. It's important you navigate product options with your mama, especially if you know she will be better off with a little pot in her life.

Take action: Research 3-5 products you think your mom would enjoy, taking in consideration her position on cannabis and preferred method of ingestion.

Whoop! You did your research, you set your intentions, and you think, no- you know this plant will help her. We challenge you to take action and approach your mother with a good heart and a head filled with cannabis knowledge. There is no wrong way in approaching your mom if you're doing it from a place of concern and genuine interest. She'll feel that from you, too.   

And hey, if your attempt fails, and mom puts her wall up and ends the conversation, you at the very least helped plant a seed of thought. She may come back around when she's ready to talk.

Good luck, girl! Share in the comments below how you plan to approach your mom and let us know what happens next!

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