Self love, hard work, and the best strains for Mom.

We all have so much work to do. Every single day. We wake up, get dressed, and continue on in this laborious cycle we call life. It's necessary. It's natural. 

But do you ever feel like fighting it? Just decide one day to give it up and lay in bed? Fuck it. I think about it all the time. I want it so bad. I know I need to be a good adult, and I especially know I need to be a good mother, but sometimes I just don't want to do it. Any of it. 

I'm drained. I'm in this hazy state of perpetual exhaustion that only long, undisturbed deep sleep can cure. Which unfortunately that's not an option for me right now, so I instead get by with a little help from my friend.

Having a bowl at the end of the night is truly magical. I decompress, relax, and self reflect. And at the end of the day, cannabis helps me accept the struggles of reality. Rather than trying to avoid my responsibilities or negate the details, I fight through and thoroughly, turning to this plant to help me realign myself when life gets tedious. These tokes result in better moods, less pain, more will, and a greater appreciation for the more tiresome days.

Right now I have two full-time jobs, one as a florist and one as the mother of a toddler boy. Phew. Both require lots of energy, attention, and many, many squats. Though I appreciate my growing biceps and perk-ish butt, I can feel my health and livelihood slumping like an under-watered sage plant. I understand that it's me neglecting my self love, and as a result my spirit is underfed and my body is overworked. A common thing among mothers, you see. 

When a mother has to work for the food and warmth of her children, she so naturally sacrifices personal time. But it is important to remember yourself, sweet mama. So when personal time is scarce for you, and you feel consumed by outside forces and responsibilities, I recommend doing your best to slow down, become present, and practice self care during your everyday responsibilities. 

Ways cannabis can help you self love during busy times: 

I like to think of these examples as ways to turn to yourself during difficult times, taking up your own space as a friend and companion. This is my definition of self love. This is healthy for me.

  • While doing the dishes, feel the breeze stroke your neck and indulge in the aromas of the dish soap.
  • While checking your emails, listen to the birds sing to one another.
  • While seated, remind yourself to relax your lower back and realign your shoulders and spine. Your posture matters to you. 
  • While your child is throwing himself to the grocery store floor, take a deep breath and feel the air fill your lungs, opening those little bronchioles that will probably make you cough. Don't fret, this is good for you.
  • Reassure yourself of your wonderfulness.
  • Tell yourself a joke, then smile because it was funny.
  • Be yourself, even if it's in your mind. This helps you be free.

Finding personal time when there is none can be a challenge. But I know cannabis helps me do just that. Consuming this plant makes it easier to appreciate life for what it is. It has this amazing ability to reshape your outlook on just about anything. It's after consuming cannabis that I so easily realize (or remember) that I am the only one in charge of my world. Life can be difficult, and seemingly unfair at times. We can be angry about it. Aloof, envious, etc., letting the negativity drain us even more, or we can be grateful, happy, and present.

Once we acknowledge that it is our own self that controls our emotions, capabilities, and our views of this world, we can recreate our realities and find peace in our everyday, hard-working lives.

Life is hard. Life is damn exhausting at times. But life is also what we perceive it to be. Even during the tiring parts we can experience some bliss. Below I've compiled some plant variations that take the edge off.

Best strains for Mom

I like to think I found some good strains to help mediate some of these everyday life challenges we experience. Through the many years of living amongst some of the most deliciously dank, top notch medical cannabis in the whole wide world, I’ve been fortunate enough to try a plethora of high quality strains. I toot my horn not to brag (though I totally am), but rather to assure you that I may have a tiny bit of insight to share.

As a mother I have specific needs and restrictions. So I have come to favor some strains over others for these reasons. Ranging from sativa to indica, here are my top 5 strains recommended to women and mothers struggling with the daily grind and as a result, not finding enough time for herself.

Durban Poison- Sativa (energetic - uplifting - creative) 

A pure sativa strain which is not for the faint of heart. Seriously a mood uplifter with energetic and inspiring effects. Durban Poison has a sweet smell and taste and offers a very thick layer of trichomes, the tiny homes of its medicinal properties. This strain will make you want to clean the house, chase your toddler around, and will help you create your best art.

Because of its trichome content and size, Durban Poison is popular for concentrates. This makes for a great everyday and discrete option, but still be mindful if you are new to consuming cannabiss. This strain does pack a punch and is known for potency. Durban Poison is a great option for micro-dosing (a dose of cannabinoids ranging from 2-10 mg, example 2-10 mg THC).

Dream Queen- Sativa (happy - uplifting - euphoric)

In need of some inspiration? Looking to focus on a project or task, or maybe just feeling a little down? Dream Queen may be your go to strain because it is quite literally, a ray of sunshine. Okay maybe not literally, but still. Oh there are so many reasons I love this strain. For one, is my goto flower for treating the daytime blues, and two, Blue Dream comes with incredible aromatherapy. It kind of smells like an Oregon blueberry farm after a Spring's rain. Mm, I don't believe any other strain smells as delectably sweet as this lady here. Dream Queen is also known for its consumers feeling clear-headed and euphoric, making for the perfect daytime remedy for stress, lack of inspiration, or depression. 

Fun fact, I just adopted a baby Dream Queen plant yesterday. They make the perfect house plants because of their heartiness and resiliency to difficult environments (like accidentally overfeeding it). However, don't expect any nice, trichome-dense buds from a cannabis houseplant, as it's more so for aesthetics and the general health benefits of having houseplants. 

Favorite Dream Queen products: Dark Heart Nursery Dream Queen clone,  Lola Lola Blackberry Kush 3 cone kit pre-rolls.

Blue Dream- Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (happy - relaxed - euphoric)

This berry sweet and juicy little guy is America’s most popular strain, and with pugent reasons. A California native, Blue Dream is a dream and will provide you with instant sanity and euphoria with sweet and delicious aromas filling your senses. I like to think of this strain as the modern day happy pill, one that every mom should have on hand. 

Blue Dream treats depression, stress and pain, making for an ideal option for anyone experiencing postpartum depression. May cause dry mouth so keep fluids on hand.

Favorite Blue Dream products: AbsoluteXtracts Blue Dream vape cartridgeGolden Gateway Blue Dream jarred flower

Dosi-Dos- Indica-Dominant Hybrid (relaxed - sleepy - euphoric)

A pure indica strong enough to lay you down to rest. This one gets me through the toughest of times with depression, muscle soreness (or PMS), and insomnia. It’s almost like a fairy creature rubbing your back until you fall asleep, which is very necessary at times. The strain’s uplifting effects make it easier to “snap out of it” in the case you need to get up to tend to the babies. I prefer this strain most during menstruation and sadness.

Blackberry Kush- Indica

This juicy indica strain has notes of berries, pine, with earthy undertones. Blackberry Kush gives a strong body high that is both relaxing and euphoric, and is by far my favorite strain because of this combo. Blackberry Kush gives a relaxing, settled effect and is known for stimulating hunger and managing pain. Its primary terpene is pinene, which promotes alertness and mindfulness.

I find this strain very fitting because it calms me yet still keeps me to moving forward with joy and gratitude. It's in fact the first strain I purchased as a medical marijuana patient, and the first medicine seemingly able to lift me from my postpartum depression. Its effects sparked the initial flame for what I now call Mother Indica.  Blackberry Kush made me feel happy and calm for the first time in a while. If you're experiencing something similar, I recommend this strain to you.

Favorite Blackberry Kush products: AbsolutExtract Blackberry Kush vape cartridgeGolden Gateway Blackberry Kush jarred flower,  Lola Lola Blackberry Kush 3 cone kit pre-rolls.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or endorsed article. The products and images mentioned in this article have not endorsed me in any way, I just like their stuff.