How to use cannabis with intent and why it's important.

You'll get the outcome you desire by using cannabis mindfully and with good intent.

While the effects of cannabis seem to lead us to a more present, mindful way of life. Practicing mindfulness during your next session, while also setting intent for why you're consuming the cannabis, will set you up for high success.

Oh yeah? Okay let me explain.


Be Present;

You can fly off and onto a wonderful, meaningful adventure by being mentally and physically present during your sessions. Doing so allows you to fully experience the divine shift in self, which is incredibly important for a few reasons:

  • Control - you are taking control of your experience by riding the high and not letting it ride you.
  • Self-Regulation - you are able to self regulate, taking only what you need and avoiding any "bad trips" that are caused by excessive intake. Listen to your body and how you are reacting.
  • Relax - you are allowing the cannabis to do its job by not fighting it. Remember, cannabis is natural and it is good. You have nothing to worry about when you consume mindfully and listen to your self.

Being present opens your awareness levels and allows you to control the plant, navigating it where you need it to go and not letting it overwhelm you. Are you taking in too many inhales? Presentness also allows you to self-regulate by being aware of your state of mind and how your body feels; relaxing where you need to and straightening out where ever else. It may be here you notice you're thirsty, hungry, or in need of a walk. Self regulation is a lost art when we are no longer present.

You must consciously decide what it is you want from cannabis, or your subconscious will decide for you.

What happens when you are not present? As some of us may know, not being fully present prior to a session can lead to negative vibrations such as anxiousness, paranoia, or stress. You have allowed the plant to creep up on you, which you may not be prepared for. Just calmly breathe it through at this point and center back to the present moment. You will come out of it.


Set Intent;

You can also set intent for why you are consuming cannabis today. Is it for pain relief? To gain an appetite? Are you smoking to calm down or to help you write? What do you plan or hope to do after you vape? By thinking through your intent for this session, you are directing your self to that very outcome. Let this outcome unfold and enjoy the moment for what it is.

I don't like feeling uncomfortable when I'm high. And I know this is a concern for many women. A lot of us may be turned off by cannabis because of that unsettled feeling that can come after consumption. I'd often wonder why it is that some days I feel euphoric and inspired, while other days I'd feel anxious and paranoid. I understand some of it may have to do with a varying combination of THC content, type of strain, region, and smoking environment. However, I know there is more to it.

Over the years I have come to realize that a good experience starts with good intent. What do I want to feel and achieve during this experience?

By setting an intent for myself, I began to feel more comfortable and creative after smoking or vaping. I was able to harness my mind and not let it take me over.

You must consciously decide what it is you want from cannabis, or your subconscious will decide for you. Are you looking to relax? Create? Explore? Meditate? Do you want to feel sad and stir up past memories? Maybe smoking will help you heal. Are you looking to create a piece of art? Let a joint guide your imagination. Do you want to push through your morning jog? Take out the vape pen while you stretch.

Smoking or vaping without setting a goal will allow your subconscious to do the decision making for you, which can lead to stress and overthinking. You can harness your high and go places that are pleasurable when you tell yourself  'I intent to be enlightened and present today.'

The power combo of presentness and intent will allow you to achieve or feel anything while high. ;)