Zuuchini Basil + Lemon Soup

Saying good-bye to summer can be a bittersweet act. The sweet side is greeting Autumn. Those fresh, dewy mornings and shorter evenings. Witnessing the subtle amber hush to nature as all the foliage begins to dry and change.. Consuming delicious, hearty meals filled with butternut squash, pumpkin, and nutmeg. Oh Autumn, how I love thee! 

Then the bitter side, leaving Summer behind. Summer has this underlying sense of freedom to it, a feeling of lightness and clarity. Long nights and delicious fruits are my favorite reminiscences. They seem to just understand how to quench the sun kissed body. Oh Summer, I will miss you so. 

The way I cure my bittersweetness is through a nice cup of summer squash and lemon soup. hey, why experience ambiguity when you can enjoy both? Soup is the coolest [and warmest] way of getting to taste both seasons at the same time, especially in those colder autumn nights. All you need to do is freeze your favorite summer produce in its peak season, and when you're ready, create delicious, summertime meals in autumn. Extra kudos for that meal being able to warm you.

I made this recipe to hold onto some of my favorite summer foods when that cool breeze picks up in the night. 

Zucchini Basil + Lemon Soup

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