Cannabis is food, and food is medicine.

Cannabis is food, and food is medicine.

Do you desire to...

  1. Ditch the conventional lifestyle because you know in your heart that it doesn't serve you on a holistic level?

  2. Find a deeper relationship within yourself through meditation, breathing, and self love practice?

  3. Cut down your pharmaceutical intake because the side effects are diminishing your livelihood and wellbeing?

  4. Lose 10-60 pounds without starving yourself or falling into a fad diet trap?

  5. Become a better, more present mother/daughter/wife/civilian to this world and feel amazing while doing it?

  6. Have the energy, confidence, and support you seek to step into your highest self and make your dreams a reality?



To get there you need to... 

  1. Let go of the fear, self doubt, overwhelm and confusion that usually comes with starting a life's transformation.

  2. Become crystal clear on who are BEING and who you desire to BECOME.

  3. Find the support and accountability you need to hold you and your vision for when you lose sight.

  4. Take a deep look into what foods and products you are consuming, and what you need to cut out entirely.

  5. Know and feel in your heart and being that you are capable, worthy, and abundant


The reality is, we are toxic, tired and overwhelmed by our conventional lifestyles.

It's just not working. Period.

We can feel it is TIME to breakthrough these limiting systems that we have grown up in and find what's best for us as modern, knowledgeable humans. Cannabis is here, now, and it is up to us to hone in on how it can help us both heal and transform

I believe that by using cannabis as an ingredient, supplement, and as a medicine, while integrating it into a holistic, well-balanced lifestyle, we can change ourselves for the best, and change the world in doing so.

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I don't just think these radical things out of the blue. I live it on a daily basis. 

I am a nutritionist, children's cooking instructor, certified cannabis coach, and spirit junkie graduate on a mission to unveil our broken health systems, wake up from your old stories and limiting beliefs, and get you back in alignment what the universe has in store for you

nourishment, abundance, and a thriving will to live your highest life.

I believe- full heartedly- that we are entering a new age of living, one that seeks health and vibrance over pills and sedation.

Cannabis use is a part of this new journey to living a healthy, high frequency life. 

And with my bachelor's degree in nutrition and food sciences, I can tell you, cannabis is no different than any other medicinal herb or superfood vegetable. Our society has hidden these medical treasures from us for too long.

We need to demystify its properties and relearn how to best use cannabis effectively and responsibly to meet our personal needs and desires.

Plus, there's another reason I'm so passionate about cannabis for wellness....


Enter: Postpartum Depression


In early 2016 I was experiencing one of my lowest points on earth. My son was 6 months old and I was in my early 20's. I felt a darkness surrounding me that felt me heavy, deflated, purposeless, and honestly, fairly empty on the inside. I was tuning out from myself and any desire I had left as an individual. All the motivation I had for life somehow died inside of me after giving birth. All the motivation I could mustarded up was for meeting my son's needs. The rest withered away.

My doctor at the time urged me to take antidepressants to help me regain my energy, but with depression clinging to me sense early childhood, I already had my fair share of prescription drugs and did not like falling back into that cycle of strangeness.

By the time I had my son, I decided to never take pills again, but to heal myself naturally through self care, good nutrition, and with daily cannabis use. After experimenting with what worked best for me, I created results that were so effective at bringing me back to life and so transformative that I decided to create Mother Indica as my anonymous outlet for cannabis education and advice.

The more I learned, the more I realized: the world desperately needs cannabis. Especially women on their own journey of self love and health. So I finally showed my face, furthered my cannabis and spiritual education and practice, applied these new skills with my bachelor's of science degree in nutrition and dietetic counseling, and became a transformative cannabis coach so that I can do my part in helping others heal from within.


I healed my postpartum depression with the help of cannabis, a more nourishing diet, and by learning to love myself.

Mother Indica, 2016


Change is possible for you.

And I know that you can do this. I did, but I wished so desperately to have a hand to hold during that difficult process of to reconnecting and reinventing myself. We are human, we fall many times, and we need the support and accountability necessary through this change.

Let me be that hand to hold.

Who is Evergreen Wellness for?

I am opening this 1-on-1 coaching package for women and mothers seeking physical, mental, and spiritual relief that cannot be found in our conventional Western lifestyle. 

This is for you IF you are looking to relieve your:

  • daily anxiety + overwhelming stress and/or depression

  • brain fog + mental blocks

  • stubborn weight gain (looking to lose 10-60 lbs)

  • IBS/D and bloating

  • acne + eczema

  • curiosity for cannabis, whether just CBD or full plant spectrum

This is also for you if you have the overwhelming sense that you are destined for a much greater life.