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Self Love, hard work, & the best strains for mom.

We all have so much work to do. Every single day. We wake up, get dressed, and continue on in this laborious cycle we call life. It's necessary. It's natural.

But do you ever feel like fighting it? Just decide one day to give it up and lay in bed? Fuck it. I think about it all the time.


How cannabis creates a mindful life + ways in finding your everyday peace

The elevation of Cannabis can be such a trip because it is then you realize the only thing that truly exists is the present moment. 


How to use cannabis with intent & why it's important.

You'll get the outcome you desire by using cannabis mindfully and with good intent.

While the effects of cannabis seem to lead us to a more present, mindful way of life. Practicing mindfulness during your next session, while also setting intent for why you're consuming the cannabis, will set you up for high success.