A place for health, motherhood, and cannabis.


Mother Indica has a purpose in bringing together women, mothers, and all cannabis-curious folks to discuss and learn about the plant Cannabis indica and its unique versatility. Mother Indica is a blog and safe space that is taking part in dissolving cannabis stigma and helping to redirect how cannabis is viewed. Responsible, everyday cannabis consumption is very possible. And it feels great.

This is a website dedicated in providing the grounds for open discussion about cannabis, womanhood, and motherhood. If you have a story to share, any feedback to give, or you just feel like saying ‘high’, please email us at [info]at[motherindica].com or leave a message on our contact page.

Mother Indica was born out of the sheer desperation of a woman struggling with new-mama woes. Hesitant to seek medical attention, and disappointed by the lack of online support for postpartum depression, the New Mama sought out a different approach to finding her way through. Lighting her inconspicuous joint, New Mama searched for a better, more honest community.

It was on this journey where she discovered the ever-growing network of buzzing cannabis connoisseurs, all eagerly working together and standing up for New Mama’s favorite plant. How cool. The high hit and it became profoundly clear..



Cannabis heals us, connects us, & brings us together.

Cannabis is creating a new community. A vast community that is creative, diverse, open-minded, and calm. More people need to know about this community. Feeling a new sense of purpose tingle up her spine, New Mama began to feel braver and stronger, and is now helping to shed the heavy, outdated stigma of cannabis through self-disclosure, and supporting other women who are struggling with their wellbeing and relationships with cannabis, too.