Hello, and welcome to Mother Indica.


a place for cannabis education, holistic nutrition, and self love expression.

My name is Erin. I am a nutritionist, cannabis wellness coach, and undoubtedly in love with all things flowers.

I believe all is connected and that Nature is our answer to a thriving, healthy world. I am also a mother to a toddler boy, rambunctious and creative in his unique ways.

I understand cannabis as a healing food and medicine that can live in conjunction to a healthy, holistic and plant-based lifestyle. I created this platform to speak out against cannabis misinformation and misuse, and the detrimental effects such stigma has caused. I hope by sharing my experience and expertise in cannabis practices, as the perspective of a mother, I can help turn the tide in how we view cannabis and its global potential in health reform once free'd from federal possession and control.

mother Indica is here to gather women, mothers, and all cannabis-curious folks to learn about the flowering plant genus Cannabis and two of its unique and versatile subspecies, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, and how they relate to our health. Mother Indica is taking part in dissolving cannabis stigma and redirecting our perception of cannabis as a wellness tool.

 my little family, 2017

my little family, 2017

Responsible, everyday cannabis consumption is very possible, and it feels wonderful.